An update is overdue.  Surgery #23 happened.

3 pockets of fluid.  2 ventricles and 1 big cyst. Right ventricle had collapsed around the catheter….blocking all the drainage holes, like a balloon collapsing around a straw.  Meanwhile the left ventricle and the cyst kept getting bigger and bigger.

Surgery went well.  They ended up moving the catheter from vertical position BACK to horizontal.  What Adrian and I had feared would happen when they moved it end of December.  But, like every surgery, we have learned each surgery ends up being a bit of a crap shoot.  We never know if the shunt will end up being in an optimal position or not.

Anyway… immediately we noticed improvements.  Within 24hours, she was colouring better than she’d ever colour before.  Aside from the AWEFUL seizure meds…she was doing well.  Thank goodness.  Adrian and I….we took a big breathe.


Post Surgery…very sleepy.
One of many roof top patios at the new hospital
IV is in her foot…grouchy Naya.
Virtual reality video game in the Whitecaps Playroom.
16 hrs post surgery.
Major attitude with the Keppra antiseizure meds
Post MRI to check to make sure things were shrinking.  Ice cream and her safari of animals.
36 hours post op. Only Super heros bounce back this fast!!   Going home today!  


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