Winston’s first real life test

Monday morning Naya woke up with a stomachache. Next thing I know we were kneeling at the toilet and she was vomiting.

Teya asked if she should go wake up Dad and I said yes. And with the whole family gathered in the bathroom, Naya asks “where’s Teya?” Teya was standing right there but she couldn’t see her. Naya was about to have a seizure.

The next 10-15mins went by in a blur. Adrian’s mom was in town so Teya jumped into bed with her. Adrian carried Naya down the stairs while I frantically drew up the seizure rescue medicine.

Naya was in and out of consciousness. She soiled herself which is common with a seizure. And then she started turning blue.

We now had Winston our Labradoodle. And this was his first test. Under the pressure he did exactly what he was supposed to do. He sat next to her and gave her comfort. He stayed calmed. During her stages of consciousness, she had her hand on him and was rubbing him…he was giving her comfort. ❤️

The ambulance came and instinctively Winston became protective. He stayed under her stretcher and didn’t want to budge even when it came time to wheel her away.

Adrian and Naya left. And within minutes, Winston started throwing up from the stress. 💔

Our little 14.5 week old puppy. He was chosen specifically for this job – to help when Naya was in emotional and medical distress. And he did a fabulous job. Our boy. He is perfect. 🥰 🐕

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