Another preemie…

When I was pregnant with our 2nd, I started getting contractions at 33 weeks. Another preemie baby… please no.

I went to the Hospital and I was told Drs don’t usually give steroid shots (for lung development) after 32 weeks. But considering the circumstances with Naya’s birth, I was able to get both shots, 24 hrs apart.

I was put on bed rest.  Getting up only to go to the bathroom and to shower. I couldn’t take care of Naya who was still only 2yo and still bottle fed.  Adrian had to take time off work. He was now the mommy and he daddy.

I ended up going to the hospital 2 more times with false labour.  Finally, on a Friday, at 2am the contractions were real. Naya was asleep and Adrian had to stay with her. So I took a cab to the Hospital. A fat pregnant lady at 2am with contractions going to the hospital….you should have seen the cab driver’s face.  😂

Teya was born at 34w5d (over 5weeks early).  I was afraid she was going to have stay in the NICU just like her sister. The thought of having 2 kids with health problems was terrifying! But amazingly she came out fully developed!  Weighing over 5lbs, she didn’t need to be ventilated.  She didn’t have any lung or heart problems.  She spent 1 night in the Intermediate Nursery in the NICU  then she was moved into my room on the ward.  It was a miracle!

The NICU Pediatrician Dr. Phang said apart from the low blood sugar, Teya was more like a 37/38 week baby than a 34/35 week one.  Self regulated temperature, fed like a champ, no jaundice!  We were so relieved!

Teya come home 3 days before Christmas. 🎄