What is Hydrocephalus?

Hydrocephalus is the accumulation of brain fluid –  Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF).   CSF is the fluid which surrounds the brain.  The brain itself absorbs CSF through out the day, and it also flows down to the spinal cord.

Naya had a brain hemorrhage at 2 weeks old.  The blood and hemorrhage caused a blockage in her brain.  It resulted in the CSF not being drained and a constant accumulation within the brain ventricles. If the pressure isn’t released, the constant production of CSF would cause brain damage and ultimately death.

Naya has VP shunt (Ventricluar – Peritoneal Shunt) – a tube that runs from her brain to  her stomach.  The excess fluid is drained into her abdominal cavity where it is absorbed by her body.  This tube is crucial.  When her shunt blocks and the CSF is no longer able to drain – the tremendous pressure against her brain and with it – the pain.


Credit – unknown

This is what a VP shunt looks like.  Naya has also had a VA (Ventricluar – Atrial) Shunt.  And instead of absorbing in her abdomen the brain fluid is pumped through the atrium of her heart and absorbed through her blood stream.