List of Surgeries

Jan 19 heart PDA ligation (a type of congenital heart defect)
Jan 30 subgaleal shunt
April 3 inguinalnhernias / VP shunt
Aug- catheter block / loculations
Sept- block and reservoir move
Nov – peritoneum block

Jan 9 – peritoneum block
Oct thanksgiving – peritoneum block
Oct 31 – peritoneum block and shunt infection, EVD
Nov- new VA shunt

June -seizure/ catheter block
Sept – misdiagnosed catheter block
Oct- 4th vent cyst, partial craniotomy

Surgery free!!!

Jan- catheter block
Feb- distal block/ no surgery, TPA used
Feb- distal block/ shunt infection EVD
March – new VP shunt (from VA) and larger valve. Same catheter from Jan
Sept – catheter block, minor adjustment
Sept – block, self resolved?

Feb – cyst, catheter blocked
May 1- cyst still there, new catheter, placed farther in, major seizure at 0030 that night.
May 18 – blocked catheter full of debris, major seizure next day at 7pm.

Dec 28 – catheter block, moved catheter from horizontal to vertical  keeping valve in place


Mar 6 – Right ventricle collapsed around catheter.  Left ventricle larger, and cyst MUCH larger 2-3x.  Moved catheter back to horizontal position and hopefully draining all 3 fluid spaces.

May 11- catheter blocked.  Cyst is STILL A MAJOR PAIN IN THE @SS!!  A more invasive surgery done by Dr. Singhal.  Partial craniotomy.  ICU for the night.

June 17 – shunt not blocked but right ventricle is no longer communicating with the rest of the system.  2nd catheter put into that ventricle, connected to the valve in a Y connection.  Incision in the tummy to pull the tubing down a bit.  They cut on the right…but tube is on the left.  That was an oops.   cyst seems smaller.  at least that’s a bit of good news.  lets pray for no infection.

July 15 – csf leakage for the last 2 weeks.  Minor procedure (not going to count this one as surgery) to fix it  hope and pray as always.

Aug 10 – Shunt infection aka meningitis. entire shunt system removed and EVD (2 actually) put in place.  General Surgery go in to remove appendix and to clean out all the pus and inflammation.

Aug 30- internalized ventricle shunt.  Cyst left untouched as IV antibiotics not finished yet- waiting for symptoms to appear.  Moved valve to top left.

Sept 26 – 2nd shunt and valve in cyst

MRI cycst