Island Bound!

Neither Adrian or I are from the big city. And after we had kids, I always wanted to move back to a smaller community. But we relied so much on Children’s Hospital how could we ever leave? At times when Naya got meningitis we lived at the hospital for up to 2 months straight. The thought of moving away scared us and really, it didn’t seem possible. So I set a goal. I said if she ever reached 3yrs surgery free. We would consider it. At that time, the longest she’d ever gone without surgery was 18 months.

Her last surgery was September 26, 2018 🙏So in March 2022 we decided it was time. Time to realized that she was stable. Stable enough to live away BC Children’s Hospital and from our beloved medical team. Time to start living our lives.

Within weeks of our decision, we sold our house and we started looking for a new home. That was the most difficult part. And not just for the reasons you’d think. For us we had additional concerns. Was it close to a hospital? How was the ambulance response times in that area? Was the fire hall permanently staffed or was it based on volunteers? Which hospital was best for pediatric care?

Fast forward through the summer. It is now September. And we are in our new home! We are still settling in and adjusting to the new city. The girls start their new school next week! Our neighbours have been wonderful. Only time will tell if this was the right decision. But for now, the girls are happy here. What more could a parent want? ❤️

Island Living

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