Not a stomach bug.

Friday she didn’t eat at school.  Saturday morning she said her tummy hurt and she threw up her water.  But she was acting fine.  We thought it was a stomach bug.

Fast forward to Tuesday.  Children’s Hospital emergency.  Begged for an MRI instead of a CT scan.  Emergency doctor was very good. Thank goodness.

MRI shows a problem.  Cyst that was only 3cm in diameter a few months ago is now huge.  Like HUGE.  So big that Neurosurgery is amazed she has compensated so well.  So big that they are concerned about brain damage and they are going to do surgery tonight.

I am numb.  I am home taking care of Teya.  Adrian is at the hospital.  I wish I could be there to hug my baby.  but there is nothing I can do.

And now I hold my breathe…. feeling helpless….hoping and praying all goes well.

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