Happy Anniversary x2

Our wedding…

For many many years I was single.  Longer than the average I think.  Didn’t meet Adrian until my early thirties…at the Roxy no less…(LOL!)  After I had already been engaged once and had a few long term relationships.  Looking back, I’m so glad I didn’t walk down the aisle the first time…and I didn’t settle with all the others.

Did I know right away?  No, I deleted his number and expected not the hear from him again.  First date was a disaster…he was 45minutes late!!!!  But it was  different than all the other relationships….Everything was so easy!  There was no drama…no awkward moments.  We have similar morales…and similar values.  Of course I wondered a few times if this was it…but I felt like it was it. Happy Wife, Happy Life….the best thing in the world was meeting him that night….he completes me.  ❤

Life is a balance.  You can’t win them all.  Adrian is my rock.  And with him, I always feel like everything will be ok.  I realize that without him, I couldnt do this alone…I would never have been able to keep it together thru all of Naya’s health problems.  So I guess as the saying goes…. everything happens for a reason.


Unfortunately tho….our wedding anniversary is also the anniversary of Naya’s first shunt.  We will never forget…our one year anniversary dinner was the worst one ever.  Our child in surgery….and us, eating at Earl’s Restaurant for our anniversary dinner, waiting for the Neurosurgery to call us to say surgery was over.

Surgeries on our anniversary, on Naya’s first birthday, on Halloween…. yeah, too many to list and so many happy moments over shadowed.  But trying to stay positive…and remembering life is still pretty darn good.

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