Go Mommy Go Mommy, Go Go Go!

So before I had my 2 angels I had a life.  As hard as it is for me to remember what I did with all that time, one thing I did was race.

I love to run. And its not something many people love to do….but I really do enjoy it. And after a 5 year break I ran my first race again!!!

10km uncertified – so 10.5k.  I was so nervous I was shaking.  And by the 8km mark I was in so much pain I wondered why I do this to myself.  The 10k mark came and went…and I swore and wondered where the heck the finish line was!  And then I rounded the corner and there is was… the black inflatable finish line…along with my little cheering squad singing “Go Mommy, Go Mommy, Go Go Go!!!”

It felt great to do something for me!  I hope the love of running is something I can instill in my girls.  Something they can enjoy doing too one day.  To see other people share your passion, a community of people who understand the runner’s high, and the runner’s pain.  =)  It was so worth it!!!

IMG_0443IMG_0450IMG_0450 (1)

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