Scars are Beautiful

2.5 weeks since our last surgery and I’ve just been trying not to think about it.

But what inspired me this past week was seeing Princess Eugenie proudly embrace her scoliosis surgery scar on her wedding day.

Naya has significantly more scars now. She doesn’t like them. The ones in her tummy especially. She hates seeing them. I haven’t done a recently tally but we are close to 20 scars now.

She is getting to an age where she is more aware of herself. She touches the scar on her scalp when she looks in the mirror. She doesn’t like me looking at the scars on her tummy.

My hope is that one day she will wear her surgery scars proudly. That she’ll realize they tell a story of how strong she is. And how amazing and blessed she is. That her scars are beautiful. And she is beautiful – inside and out. ❤️

My angel. My superhero. My miracle.

3 thoughts on “Scars are Beautiful”

  1. Scars are hard although they do fade with time. I have many from my multiple surgeries including a 10 inch one on my chest and some on my tummy. I can always show them to her if it would make her feel more comfortable with hers. Jack was very curious about them so it opened up a dialogue where I said scars are just a reminder that you are stronger than what tried to make you sick.
    Glad things have calmed down a bit for you all. You’re always in my thoughts and prayers. Xo

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    1. Thanks Stephanie! If you feel comfortable it would be great for Naya to know others have scars too. She is always asking about hers and I always show her the couple small ones I have. It would be great for her to see that scars are signs of strength! And that she should never be ashamed. 😊❤️


      1. Of course!! Whatever you and naya are comfortable with. Scars are a part of our story. I dont mind sharing. As you may know one of my scars is from a mastectomy. While some might hesitate to show/share with children, I find it can really open up a dialogue about health, especially breast health with young girls. I was changing once in a communal change room at the pool when a little girl said loudly Mummy why does that lady only have 1 boobie?? The mother was horrified and shushed her daughter. I took that opportunity to go over to them and say hi. Told them why and asked if they had questions. They both did funnily enough. It was a good experience and I know they will be more conscientious about breast cancer. As a survivor it is my responsibilty to spread awareness.
        Naya is already a hero and I know as she grows up she will continue to share her story and help others following in her footsteps.
        She in turn will show her scars and be proud of them.
        I like to say that scars are like passport stamps. Shows you where you have been and reminds you that you are no longer there.
        Love to all. Xo.
        Oh and tell her that Jack’s dad took a mean chainsaw to the back of the neck once while cutting trees. Very cool scar.


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