Strongest girl ever… #29

Neurosurgery told us surgery would be this week- Wednesday or later. So yesterday (Tuesday) I stared at my phone all day waiting for a surgery time. But by 4pm I had lost hope that was going to happen the next day. Then my phone rings during dinner… surgery on Wednesday! Whew!

We were supposed to go in at 1130am. There was a delay. Went in at 1pm and came out 2.5 hours later.

All went well. Neurosurgery put in a 2nd shunt – complete with its own valve. General Surgery did a laparoscopy of her belly to make sure her stomach was in good condition to absorb the CSF.

She is awake and doing well. 😊

Trooper. Superhero. Amazing. Our daughter. ❤️

And now Adrian and I pray that it works. 🤞🏼

Pre surgery
Post surgery
3 hrs post op

3 thoughts on “Strongest girl ever… #29”

  1. Sending you lots of get well wishes for Naya. . You and Adrian are amazing parents. Give Naya a hug from Gord & I. We think of you both often. Hopefully one day before long we can all catch up over a glass of vino. In the mean time enjoy one and we will be thinking of you. Hugs

    Maggie & Gord

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    1. Thank you! We hope you guys are well and can’t wait to catch up. We think of you every time Naya cuddles the dog stuffy you got her. His name is Gor-gie!!! 😊


  2. God bless all of you. The amazing strength and resilience your entire family shows is beyond amazing.
    Our family links hands every night and include naya in our prayers.

    Every night we say
    God bless you
    Protect you
    Heal you (at that point we raise our joined hands and say loudly #Especially for Naya!!”)
    Keep you safe
    And know that you are loved.

    We have said this prayer everynight since jack was born and spent 8 days in the NICU.

    It has given us strength during difficult times and is a ritual for us.
    Now if it could just go from our mouths to Gods ears.
    All the best,
    We are thinking of you all.
    Love Stephanie, alex and Jack


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