Vacation? We should have know better.

We were supposed to go away this week for a beach vacation on the Island. A treat for our children… because after everything we’ve been thru this year, nobody deserves it more!

But we should have known better.

Wednesday morning, Naya’s wakes up with Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF – aka brain fluid) leaking out of her post op incision. Surgery had been more than 2weeks ago – how was this possible?

Nothing else mattered that morning. A phone call to Neurosurgery and a frantic paramedic dad trying to bandage up the leak to avoid contamination and infection. And off to the hospital we go.

Extra stitches and surgical glue as a last ditch effort to stop the leakage. If this fails surgery is the only other solution. Again.

So with the need to stay close to the hospital in the event of another shunt emergency, our beach vacation is cancelled.

Life isn’t fair. It’s times like these it’s so hard to stay positive and keep the faith. Because as a parent you just long to see your kids happy. But I can’t even do that for my children.

Damn you Hydrocephalus. My kids deserve better. We deserve better.

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