Surgery #25

CT at 1am shows shunt is not blocked. But the hole Doctors made to communicate all the fluid spaces has grown over. So the right ventricle is building up with fluid while the other ventricles are draining.

Surgery at noon. A second catheter is put in just in that one ventricle. Not what I wanted to have happen but if it gives us more time in between surgeries then it’s worth the risk?

2 hours later she’s out. She gets her popsicle. And she’s crying saying everything hurts. What can a parent do?  You suck it up, put on the bravest face you can and tell her how great she did and that she will feel better soon.  Meanwhile, everytime she gets cut open for surgery…a little part of me dies.

Getting wheeled down to the surgery room.  Sisters make great companions. 👯
Post op visit from Milo the therapy dog.

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