I am so excited to introduce our newest family member… Winston.

Winston will be Naya’s therapy/assistance dog. He is a lab cross poodle – aka LabraDoodle. And was temperament tested at 7weeks to ensure he had the right personality for the job. 👍🏼

Already he has won over both the girls. He knows to be gentle with Naya. Meanwhile being more rambunctious with Teya.

We haven’t quite figured out what Winston’s role will be. But some of the thing we hope for include:

– alerting us of an impending seizure

– calming her anxiety in general. And also comforting her during times of medical distress

– give her stability going up and down the stairs

– refocusing her when she is distracted

It will take a lot of training on our part but already I can see the joy that he brings to the girls. I am so happy to see them happy. 😊😍

If you’re on instragram… you can see Winston’s daily adventures HERE!

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