After 33 days (34 days according to Adrian) we are DISCHARGED!

The hardest 4.5 weeks of our lives. The fluid mass in Naya’s brain has not been addressed yet. She is not showing signs of impairment so Neurosurgeons are going to wait on surgery. It is not the decision we wanted, to come home knowing it’s not over yet. But we understand that right now, with everything she’s been through, it is the best decision for her.

Things aren’t perfect…Adrian and I both know it’s not a question of IF but WHEN will we be going back to the hospital.  For now, I have my family back together under one roof. Whether it be for a couple days or a couple weeks, I’ll take it!!

Naya will finally join her friends at school later this week. Thank you to her teachers and EA for visiting her in hospital – Rachel, Amy, Melissa and Risa. ❤️

Before we left the Hospital, her buddy George came to say hello and he posed for a good-bye picture. 🐶

2 thoughts on “Discharged!”

  1. So glad you guys finally get a break for awhile. It was so lovely to see her at school this morning. The kids were thrilled to have her back and all yelled Naya!! When they saw her. She was her usual happy chatty self. Its hard to believe shes been through so much. What a trooper!! Her and jack are cubby buddies and she marched into class so excited saying its my first day of grade 1!!
    Well done mum and dad!

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