4 Weeks later…we are sick of lemonade.

Week 4 is complete. We have been at the Hospital for 29 days today. And every single member of our family is traumatized. We are exhausted. Naya came into the hospital at the peak of summer and by the time she leaves it will be almost fall.

Naya wants to leave the hospital and come home. She wants to go to school with her friends. She is traumatized by all the surgeries, blood tests, tubes and wires. She wants to leave the hospital and get back to being a kid.

Adrian is sick of being at the hospital 24/7. He’s tired of holding his child down while she’s screaming in fear of getting hurt by the needles etc. He wants to come home and sleep in his own bed.

Teya is acting out. She misses her daddy and sister. She is always asking if Naya is better yet and when she can come home. She misses her bff. She thinks the only way to get attention is to be hurt or sick.

And Ive had enough of seeing my child sad and in pain. I am tired of commuting to the hospital everyday. Burning the money we aren’t making because no one is working on the ridiculously high price of gas. I miss my family being all together. I miss seeing my children smile.

It’s been a month of lemons. We can only make so much lemonade. 🍋😥

Thank you to all our families who visited this long weekend – from the Island and the Interior. To come all that way just to visit and give your love and support means the world to us.

    Grandma Margaret
    Erika & Ava
    Gong Gong & Po Po

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