Week 3

21+ days in hospital now…And we are glad Week 3 has come to an end.  We found out we had a new infection, extending our hospital stay by 2 weeks.  And we had a major complication requiring emergency surgery.

On a more positive note though – our highlights this week:

Daddy has been adamant about keeping Naya somewhat active.  We managed to find a stationary exercise bike that fits her and she rides it for about 10-15 minutes each day to keep her muscles strong.  As you can see from the picture below – the incentive is the ipad…. the more she pedals, the more she gets to watch.  =P

img_0210-1I have always said we meet some incredible families while we are in hospital.  Adrian and Naya woke up one morning to a beautiful hand drawn picture of a dog on our window.  A little girl and her mother were staying in the room directly above ours.  And after the daughter goes to bed at night, her mother goes around and draws pictures on the windows of all the rooms as a surprise for the patients in the morning.  How fabulous is that?! (Mom:  If you happen to be reading this –  Thank you!)

Thank you to our visitors this week:

  • Caroline, Michael & Joshua
  • Lina & Dena
  • Amy, Elaine & Amelia
  • Tirza, Liam & Cara
  • Rachel

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