Kick us while we’re down.

We started this week excited. We were given the go ahead by Infectious Diseases to internalize the shunt while we waited for the last few days of IV antibiotics to finish. Which meant eliminating a few days in hospital and possibly making it for the first week of school.

But no.

A new cluster of bacteria grew in her CSF cultures. We have another infection. 2 more weeks of IV antibiotic Vancomycin.

We are livid.

Not only have we canceled our beach vacation this summer. But we’ve missed parties and get togethers and summer community classes.  I wanted to take Naya to the PNE for the first time ever to see the Super Dogs.  And now I have to tell her she needs to stay in bed for 2 more weeks and miss the first 2 weeks of school.

By now nothing surprises us anymore. But seriously?  FML   😞


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