Week 1 …. done ✅

It has been an emotional and chaotic week.  Naya’s incisions are slowly healing and the antibiotics kicking in and fighting all the infections and bacteria in her body.  What has hurt the most has been her stomach.  She has 3 small incisions in her belly where surgeons did the laparoscopy and appendix removal.

We are now allowed to go for 10-15 mins walks a couple times a day.

Highlights of the week:

Therapy Dogs – Thank you for making our little girl happy for a few minutes each day.  You are all very good at your jobs!!

  • Milo, Molly & George – Shih Tzus
  • Reilly – Golden Doodle
  • Charlie – Portuguese Water Dog

Naya also got to play in the music room this week.  Her favourite?  The drums.


And of course all of our awesome visitors – Thank you!  The support means so much to us.

  • Monica & Peter
  • Victoria & Shyla
  • Lisa
  • Grandma Margaret
  • Kristina, Kora and Kaiya
  • Dennis & Jessica
  • Anna & Kate

Week 1 done… 3 more weeks to go… 

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