Post Op Day 1 & 2 – Miss Grumpy Pants



2 days post op and Naya is still in a lot of pain.  Not eating and barely drinking.  All normal after abdominal surgery so we’ve been told.

Infectious Diseases is making daily visits. A bacteria commonly living in the bowel has grown from the cultures taken from her stomach.  They have adjusted the antibiotics accordingly but expects her to be on it for at least 3 weeks.  3 weeks. So factor in few days needed to put a new shunt back in, Naya will be lucky if she doesn’t miss the first day of school.

Apart from the pain and the loss of appetite Naya is doing ok. She just not herself.  Even Milo the therapy dog couldn’t keep her smiling. She wants to get out of bed which she’s not allowed to do 🙁.  So besides the TV and the iPad, we’re trying to find things to keep her occupied.  Play doh, drawing, reading, painting rocks, playing with a toy dog who eats and poops (thanks Monica 😊).



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